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Belbrasil, an intercontinental love story

In December, I have had the opportunity to meet two wonderful, passionate people. A Belgian-Brazilian couple who recently launched Belbrasil, a sustainable jewellery brand. I have been attracted by their qualitative approach and invited them to tell me more about their project.

Juan and Joelene met each other in Brazil in 2014 - it was love at first sight. After multiple back and forth travels, they decided to move to Belgium.

Joelene studied jewellery design before setting in motion her little entreprise together with her companion - she creates the most inspiring necklaces and earrings.

The first thing they shared with me is that the material used to create the various accessories is Capim Dourado, a 100% natural Brazilian plant that looks pretty much like gold. The vegetal is a grass-like species of Eriocaulaceae which grows once a year between January and September, and is harvested for two months in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins, Brazil.

Capim Dourado is a sustainable and ecological material. I learned that the stems are removed without the roots, the flowers being left on the spot in order to ensure that the life cycle of the plant is respected.

The jewellery items are handmade by local women artisans, who transform the vegetal into amazing craft pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bags, hats, baskets and other decorative items.

I have had the chance to receive these beautiful handmade earrings and necklace, which I find so very chic and qualitative.

The good news? Earrings are safe for sensitive ears!

The art of weaving Capim Dourado has been passed down from generation to generation for approximately 100 years.

What I particularly like about Belbrasil is the fact that the brand trades in an equitable manner, respecting ethical, social, environmental concerns. The artisans are respected and paid a fair price for their mastery.

Belbrasil is closely linked to the product: Joelene and Juan carefully select the plants and work in collaboration with the local craftswomen in order to guarantee the best quality products.

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