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Sample Slow Jewelry, high quality sustainable jewelry made in Belgium

I have discovered Sample Slow Jewelry at the Brussels Fashion Days 2018 and immediately fell in love with their creations. Delicate, minimalist 925 silver jewelry with a great attention to detail: you can imagine that the concept caught my attention at once. Today, I am very pleased to introduce you to the amazing Belgian brand.

RGbA: Who is behind Sample?

Nd'U: Two entrepreunarial young women wishing to fulfill their creative dreams: I, Nora d'Ursel, the one who combined 5 years of studies in international business management and a training in jewelry creation, and Marie Walch, who after having studied architecture, undertook a course on jewelry business management. As a matter of fact, Marie and I form a very complementary duet.

RGbA: Where did you first meet, and how did you come up with the idea of launching a brand?

Nd'U: Our paths crossed when I was an intern at a place where Marie worked as a jeweler. It was friendship at first sight. We shared the same vision, and in 2017 decided to combine our strengths to launch Sample.

RGbA: Why Sample?

Nd'U: Sample evoked to us "cleanliness", "minimalism". The term is also used in the musical sphere to designate an excerpt. In our case, it definitely has to do with an extract of our know-how that we enjoy offering to our customers.

RGbA: What are the key words that characterize Sample?

Nd'U: Sustainability, timelessness, gender neutrality (for anybody).

RGbA: What is the added value of Sample?

Nd'U: What differentiates Sample is the quality of materials used (our suppliers are in Belgium and in France), the solidity of our creations, and the flexibility in terms of personalization. Our jewels are designed and handcrafted by Marie and myself in Brussels. We are very close to our customers, which allows us to better adapt to their special requests. Both of us define ourselves as craftswomen. Styles, finishes, dimensions... every detail can be individualized.

RGbA: What does Slow Jewelry mean for you?

Nd'U: Our approach is part of the slow consumption movement. Quality, sustainability, accountability are essential to us. Sample creations are designed to last forever. We do not follow trends for the simple reason that we want our jewelry to be timeless, there is no "expiry date". Our goal is to ensure that the client is satisfied from the day of purchase and without any limit in time. Marie and I love the idea of transmission, heritage. Our creations are thus meant to span seasons and generations.

RGbA: Where do you stand today?

Nd'U: We are currently actively participating in fashion design markets. The Brussels Fashion Days really helped us to bring our concept to the Belgian fashion scene. It was our first public market, we needed a trigger and that was it. In the meantime, we are working hard on our eCommerce website that is to be launched at the beginning of 2019. Our aim, in a second phase, is to own a jewelry creations workshop where Marie and I would be able to create our jewelry and share our passion with as many people as possible. In conclusion, I would like to add that we will always favor direct sales in order to offer our customers the fairest price.

RGbA: Where can we purchase your beautiful creations?

Nd'U: Via a direct message on Instagram and Facebook or via our email address

Below, I am wearing the long necklace MOJO and the earring SIA combined to my tiny drill earring.

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