Imagine, create, trend, live... with intention.

Stand-out, unique jewelry pieces make a statement this season. The more the better. All kinds of shapes are welcome. The current trend is to move away from the old rules of fashion: dare to mix gold, silver, copper and bronze, break the rules and shine!

While dreaming of countless bracelets gracefully adorning my wrists and of geometric earrings that will upgrade my outfits this FW 2018-2019, I stumbled upon a Belgian jewelry brand, namely Umya Jewelry. Having a curious nature, I decided to approach the craftswoman behind the concept in order to be able to share her inspiring story with you.

Umya is actually Ushas, a Belgian girl born in 1989, living an authentic life in a charming village outside Brussels. Ushas shares her home with a sweet dog, 5 ducks, 5 chickens, 6 sheeps and has a large vegetable garden that she loves caring for. In her life and work, Ushas is looking for balance and harmony.

When creating jewelry, the young woman focuses on clean, minimalist, geometrical design with organic patterns and textures. Femininity, elegance, character are the key words describing her work. I could not resist these two bracelets and this pair of earrings: minimalist yet sophisticated, delicate yet full of character... as you may know it, I am a fan of contrast perceptions.

The metal is brass. I like the different finishes of it: brushed, polished or hammered. The handcrafted artisan jewelry pieces are consciously made, and the attention to detail is impressive. It seems important to me to highlight the fact that Umya Jewelry is a one-person business and it is always good to remember that behind every small local business, there is an actual person with a dream.

Umya Jewelry is also about made to measure, unique pieces, designed upon request.

What I particularly like about Ushas, is that she lives and creates with intention. Umya Jewelry is a journey, an in-depth voyage that took Ushas from Belgium to Scotland, from Scotland to Spain, from Spain to Australia, where metalsmithing made a first appearance within her life and then struck her as an evidence in Sydney.

An obsession suddenly started, and Ushas spent months gathering information about her new passion. Her first sale was a pair of silver earrings, in 2014. After a short detour to Norway and Germany, Ushas finally decided to head back to Belgium where she lives now - to the delight of Belgian fashionistas!

Are you inspired by Ushas' story? Share your thoughts on my Instagram page @rivegauchebyadele

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