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The power of photography, NYC through the lens

Today, I would like to inspire you with an interview with Levy Bergman, a 40 y.o. Hungarian photographer living in New York City.

Levy and I decided to bring together our expertise and collaborated on a photoshoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place symbolising our common enthusiasm for art and history.

RGbA: Could you please tell me more about yourself? Why did you move to NYC?

LB: I am originally from Hungary. My mother tongue is Hungarian, but I am also fluent in German and English. I arrived in NYC 5 years ago. I enjoy traveling and discovering new places and NY has always exerted a fascination on me. I have worked for 10 years at the European Commission in the legal and financial areas. I felt caught in the web of bureaucracy and at some point decided that there is more to life than that. My decision to leave this world and move to NY revealed itself clearly. I just did it and do not regret my choice.

RGbA: How did you get working as a professional photographer?

LB: I would define myself as a photographer at heart. Photography is my biggest passion, and I am lucky to be able to communicate it to my clients and followers. I have a regular full-time job, yet photography holds an essential place in my life. Of course it wasn't easy at the beginning, but I managed to gradually build a solid client base. Understanding different photography client types and building win-win relationships is key.

RGbA: What are your areas of specialization?

LB: Art, architecture, gastronomy, street style, portraits. I get more and more interested in fashion and my aim is to gain more experience in this area.

RGbA: Three words to define your photographic style.

LB: Emotion. Contrasts. Originality with a surreal edge.

RGbA: What is your motto?

LB: Provide original content, stay authentic and loyal to my style, to myself and share a part of myself with my audience through photography.

RGbA: How do you feel now?

LB: I traveled all around the world, looking for harmony that I couldn't find in my life and it was all because of my mind. I have always wanted to see, do, achieve more than time and experience would allow me to do. Today, I feel happy in NY. I can't walk in NY without spotting something that inspires me. The big city amazes me every single day.

RGbA: What is your perception of fashion?

LB: Art and architecture are a huge source of inspiration to me and are, according to me, closely linked to fashion. Everyone has something deep inside that he or she is unable to tell. These disciplines, together with photography, are ways to express the unsaid creativily.

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