Why re-arranging your wardrobe is good for your mindset

Take a few minutes to picture yourself selecting and pulling out your favorite outfit from a perfectly organized wardrobe. Not rushing around trying to find items. Fully dressed in 5 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with a large cup of coffee... and maybe even post it on Instagram (#coffeelover #coffeeaddict #goodvibes). Isn't that a nice, reassuring feeling?

When you stand in front of an edited, re-arranged wardrobe, your head feels clearer and lighter, you feel more energetic and motivated to start the day.

A few days ago, I had a client who just could not let go her old clothes. When I asked her to put aside stuff not worn for 2 years, items that are too big, too small, overworn or damaged - the pile got impressive!

Believe it or not, my client's first reaction was relief. Later on, Lena shared that she felt empowered by the process of selecting and discarding, and that she felt proud of herself because she finally managed to do it.

Wardrobe re-arrangement is not only about clothes, it is about the change of mindset.

At every wardrobe edition, I make sure my clients are fully advised with regards to the colors that match their undertone and their morphology. We discuss the latest trends and select a few styles together: the essential thing for me is that my client enjoys getting dressed!

I observe that, by reducing the amount of clothes in their wardrobes, my clients become more attentive to their shopping choices. Getting dressed stops being overwhelming and becomes a pleasure. We do not need wardrobes full of clothes bought on impulse, and we do not have to feel guilty when getting rid of items that we received from relatives or friends.

Creating some place in your wardrobe clears your mind and helps you gain control. It feels wonderful to open your wardrobe and to choose your outfit among neatly arranged piles of clothes, shoes and accessories!

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